About Us

 PASF organizes national cultural and social events such as the Pakistani Independence Day celebration in San Francisco held yearly. The Pakistani Association started in San Francisco in 1971 by a few members from the Pakistani community who gathered in a house to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day. The Independence Celebration took place moderately. The community has since grown in number due to the efforts of the Pakistan Association to bring awareness to the community of its importance, thus uniting the Pakistani people and motivating others to be part of the Pakistani Association 

 By 1991, community awareness increased and the Pakistani Independence Day celebrations which took place in Halls or Restaurants. By 1992 the community decided to register as an organization with city of San Francisco under the name, “Pakistan Association of San Francisco Bay Area”. As a result, Independence Day is now celebrated every year openly in a public a place here in San Francisco. 

The organization also hosts the following programs throughout the year: Annual events include:

  • Pakistan Resolution Day (23rd March Qarardad-e-Pakistan)
  • Community Picnic
  • Pakistani Independence Day Celebration
  • Celebration of the birth day of Pakistan founder      Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah